W4 – CPW2018: Computational Pathology Workshop


Date: Sunday September 9, 2018
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
Venue: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Room: B_Computer Room & Maker Space

Workshop’s website: http://cpw2018.org

Short Description

Goals: Pathologists are the guardians of heaps of high-resolution imaging material, that is barely notices by bioinformatics today. Yet this (annotated) material can be of huge contributing value to any research
project, as pathology preserves topological tissue features, and can help explain difficult phenomena such as tumor heterogeneity. The goal is then to bridge research methods and materials from the
bioinformatics community with the (digital) pathology community.

Motivation: As imaging is now recognized as a new kind of omics, it is time to unlock the potential of this new datasource. No-one can do this alone, as whole slide imaging typically encompasses a combination of various disciplines, including engineering, medical specialties, and increasingly computer science. Sounds like the birth of bioinformatics all over again! Curious what the future of pathology looks like? Curious of finding out what all the hub-hub about computer assisted diagnostics is like? Tired of analyzing small RX or CT imagery? Come join us in Athens to talk with the people that are actually doing the work (and not just talking about it).

Scope: Digital Pathology, whole slide imaging, image analysis, feature extraction, tumor classification (based on histology), FIJI plugins, histology, mass spec imaging